January 26, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Philanthropy Journal and what kinds of services and resources does it provide?
    PJ delivers news, information, resources and opinion about charitable giving, fundraising, management, leadership, marketing and communications, focusing in particular on building organizational capacity. PJ is a publication of the Institute for Nonprofits at N.C. State University.
  • What is the Institute for Nonprofits?
    PJ is a publication of the Institute for Nonprofits at N.C. State University. The Institute works to build the capacity of nonprofits through research, education and engagement.
  • Does the Philanthropy Journal take article submissions from other sources?
    Yes, you can submit your article by email to news@philanthropyjournal.org.
  • How often is your site updated?
    Our content is updated daily. Our Weekly eNewsletter is published every Monday.
  • Is there a fee for subscribing to the Philanthropy Journal eNewsletters?
    No, our eNewsletter is provided FREE to our subscribers and members.
  • How do I subscribe to the eNewsletter?
    To subscribe to our FREE eNewsletter, visit the Subscribe/RSS page.
  • How do I make changes to my subscription?
    To make changes to your subscription or to unsubscribe, click on the "unsubscribe or update your account" link at the bottom of your eNewsletter.
  • Are your articles or newsletters in print format?
    No, our articles and newsletters are in online format only.
  • Who are your readers?
    Our readers are nonprofit professionals, volunteers and people interested in news and information about the nonprofit sector.
  • Where is my state's philanthropy news?
    PJ reports on nonprofits and philanthropy throughout the U.S. and in our home state of North Carolina.
  • How do I find past articles?
    Past articles are archived on PJ's website and can be found using the search tool located in the upper right-hand column of each webpage.
  • How can I find basic information about nonprofits?
    The Resources section of PJ's website contains basic information. Or you can contact your state association of nonprofits. Visit www.ncna.org. Or in North Carolina, visit the N.C. Center for Nonprofits at www.ncnonprofits.org.
  • How are you supported?
    We generate revenue from advertising and sponsorship sales and are also supported by foundations, grantmakers and individual givers. We do not receive money from the state of North Carolina.
  • How do I share news and information about my nonprofit?
    You may share information about your nonprofit by sending an email to news@philanthropyjournal.org.
  • How do I submit freelance articles or opinion columns?
    Contact  news@philanthropyjournal.org .
  • Can my organization reprint PJ articles?
    Yes, PJ articles may be reprinted, or links may be distributed. However, you must source PJ and include the PJ web address: www.philanthropyjournal.org. And you must notify PJ at news@philanthropyjournal.org.
  • Do you have an editorial calendar?
    Yes, the editorial calendar can be found here. We also are happy to work with you on any specific topics you are interested in supporting.
  • How can I advertise or sponsor PJ's website or eNewsletters?
    To learn more about advertising or sponsorship opportunities, visit the advertise/support PJ page or contact news@philanthropyjournal.org.


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