January 31, 2015

Winston-Salem groups, leaders recognized

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The Winston-Salem Foundation has handed out its 2012 Winston-Salem Foundation Award and, jointly with the ECHO Network, has handed out the 2012 ECHO award.

Established in 1996, the Winston-Salem Foundation Award is given to individuals who demonstrate the foundation's values of generosity, excellence, inclusion, and integrity, along with visionary leadership in a community activity or on behalf of a community organization, particularly in the recent past.

Recipients of the 2012 award is John Burress, who has been a supporter, advocate, and resource for much of Winston-Salem's not-for- profit community for decades.

The award included a $10,000 grant that Burress has designated to the Augustine Project for Literacy and to The Winston-Salem Street School.

The ECHO Awards went to four groups and one individual who are creatively building social capital.

Each recipient will receive $1,000 to grant to a nonprofit they designate.

Winners include Adventure Sail, which works to connect youth and adult mentors through the sport of sailing; El Cambio, a youth-led group; CHANGE Member Network, which brings together diverse members of the community; Forsyth Humane Society's New Leash on Life program, which brings together inmates of different ethnicities, ages, and beliefs; and Dirk Robertson, an advocate of education, inclusion, diversity, and collaboration. 

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