January 30, 2015

Beehive awards inaugural grant

RALEIGH, N.C. - In about seven months, a fledgling Raleigh giving circle raised more than $10,000 and awarded its first grant to support economic security in the local community.

The Beehive Collective awarded $9,314 to Raleigh-based Passage Home, a faith-based community development corporation, in support of the nonprofit's "Just Greening Communities" initiative.

The effort aims to develop and build "green" homes near Passage Home's Safety Club, a service group in downtown Raleigh that helps people who are grieving or in extreme poverty.

As part of the effort, Passage home will hire and train unemployed people to work on the project and will provide job-placement services once the construction is complete.

The Beehive Collective was formed in May of 2008 and now includes about 50 members, each of whom donates one half of a percent of their income to the circle and agrees to help with additional fundraising efforts.

In its inaugural year, the circle voted to focus its giving on economic security for Raleigh residents, a choice that was well-timed given the mounting global economic crisis.

The circle will meet in early next year to celebrate its first year of grantmaking and to choose a theme for its 2009 giving.

For more information on the Beehive Collective, visit the circle's website or email buzz@beehivecollective.com.

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