November 23, 2014

Don Wells Consulting


Don Wells Consulting specializes in working with Boards, staffs or stakeholders of nonprofits to help each maximize their contributions to, and rewards from, working together towards the fulfillment of an agency’s Mission. Don Wells, Principal, utilizes his many years of experience as a staff member, executive director, board member and board officer to help nonprofits navigate through the often turbulent waters they face. His business card states: Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. As such, he is self-described as an Experienced Nonprofit Journeyman. Hopefully, in his work with local, regional, state, national and international nonprofits, each benefits from what he has learned from his many bad judgments over the years. Don can be reached at or 919-732-1989.

Consultants (Fundraising, Mgmt., Strategy)


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    Investing in Health. Creating Change.
  • The Duke Endowment
    The Duke Endowment has worked to help people and strengthen communities in North Carolina and South Carolina by nurturing children, promoting health, educating minds and enriching spirits.

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