January 27, 2015

Mecklenburg Citizens for Public Education




Mecklenburg Citizens for Public Education is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes leadership, rallies resources, and engages the community so that all Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students achieve significant and measurable academic success.


We Engage Community Leaders.
MeckEd provides information, learning experiences and opportunities for the community, funders, policy makers and public and private organizations to get involved in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

We Provide Reliable and Trusted Sources of Information.  MeckEd is a learning organization that can be counted on to provide best practices information and objective measures for public education improvements and success.

We are strong proponents of public education and believe every child deserves a quality education to prepare them for contributing to the local and global economy.


We Are Positive. MeckEd shares a belief that public education can close the achievement gap and offer the highest quality K-12 academic experience for all children.

We Are Objective. MeckEd develops strategies and takes informed positions on reforming and improving the public schools based on well- researched data and information.

We Are Courageous. MeckEd can be counted on to take a stand based on what is best for our schools and the
students of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

We Are Active. MeckEd energetically creates opportunities for the community, funders, and schools to work together and support each other.

We Are Focused. MeckEd establishes priorities based on impact, relevance, and uniqueness of opportunity.

We Are Zealous. MeckEd enthusiastically pursues its mission and opportunities to create high-quality public education that is accessible to all students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Mecklenburg Citizens for Public Education
129 W. Trade Street Suite 1555 Charlotte, NC 28202
(Phone)704.335.0100 • (Fax)704.334.3545

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