December 22, 2014

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As counsel to nonprofit and for-profit organizations, I view marketing as one of the keys to a company’s success. Marketing is a multi-disciplinary approach that includes elements of research, organization development, strategic development, advertising and public relations, fundraising; all with a hands-on project management orientation.

My approach includes:

(1) Research - I analyze your target audience, look for areas where they group or “segment”, and review demographic and attitudinal trends. In addition, I’ll review other organizations competing for that audience, what the up-side value of that audience is, and how that contributes to your ability to grow your audience, and maintain financial stability.

(2) Strategy & Positioning - I help you identify your market with the best potential, your unique qualities and competitive advantage. Most importantly, I help you determine how to stand out, and how to express it in a clear and powerful way.

(3) Messaging - All points of contact between you and your publics need to be consistent, reflect the insight from your research, and effectively communicate your position in the market. And these contacts relate to everything including advertising, public relations, digital strategies – right down to company logo design. I create marketing communications plans that employ the best tools at the most efficient cost.

(4) Measurement - Companies don’t do this enough. There are many ways to use your data - exposures, engagement, brand awareness, revenue – to determine how effective your plan is, how it can be refined, and it can refine your position in the market.

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