January 27, 2015

Corporate and Foundation Giving

Corporate and Foundation GivingIn this special report, PJ looks at trends in giving by corporations and foundations, and what they are looking for in forming partnerships with nonprofits.

Corporate Giving: Trends and expectations

Corporations redefine bottom line
Slammed by the economy and global competition, a growing number of companies are retooling their business model to incorporate philanthropic strategies to address social and global problems that limit their business.

Nonprofits looking for good corporate fit
Nonprofits that want corporate partners need to do their homework, find companies with missions aligned with their own, identify assets a company can use to help address social problems the nonprofit cares about, and show the impact it is making fixing those problems.

Foundation Giving: Trends and expectations

Foundations adapt to altered economy
With the economy still convulsing three years after its collapse, some foundations are turning their recession-response strategies into permanent ways of doing business, while continuing to look for promising new strategies.

Grantseekers urged to be clear, candid
To have the best shot at foundation funding in this new and more austere environment, nonprofits must be honest and open about their needs, open to change, and skilled at telling their stories, experts say.

Corporate and Foundation Giving: Opinion

Building social purpose through partnerships
Forming an impactful nonprofit partnership may be one of many steps a company takes toward becoming a force for good in society, but it can be a positive step.

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