April 24, 2014

Making social media make a difference for your nonprofit


As part of our mission to help build capacity across the nonprofit sector - and strengthen the skills of individual practitioners - Philanthropy Journal offers training in how to make social media make a difference for your nonprofit.


The webinar How to Measure and Leverage Your Nonprofit's Social Media Efforts will be presented by Dawn Crawford, principal communicator and co-founder of Raleigh-based BC/DC Ideas at 2 p.m. Dec. 18. The creative agency specializes in strategic communications planning, social media, advertising and marketing, public relations, video production and event management for nonprofits.

Summary: You've been posting Facebook updates, sending the snappy 140 character tweets and adding videos to your YouTube channel, but is it making a difference for your nonprofit? Measuring social media can be a daunting task, but with a few handy tools and a standard reporting structure, you can effectively measure your efforts. Promise! 

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It would be an interesting webinar, I suppose. I am interested to know more methods of strengthening the social media practice. It is interesting to see strategic marketing, video production and public relations are all included in one webinar. Will there be another webinar after today?

I look forward to the Webinar on December 18th. This is very, very exciting. I live in a community in extreme Northern Vermont and I am fairly bursting with a project idea. I will try to contain my enthusiasm until the Webinar. All the best, Judith
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M: 802-582-9065

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