January 26, 2015

Nonprofit Fundraising

In this special report, PJ looks at ways nonprofits are handling their annual, major-gift, campaign and planned-gift fundraising in the face of the troubled economy.


A time for fundraising fundamentals
Nearly two-and-a-half years after the bottom fell out of the economy, nonprofits increasingly are getting back to fundraising basics while also adapting traditional strategies to take advantage of new tools such as social media.

Annual giving: Focus on relationships
The downturn in the economy has prompted charities to work harder to engage their annual donors for the long-term.

Campaign giving: Period of adjustment
Some organizations are combining campaign and annual-fund requests, and others are pursuing big campaigns despite the troubled economy.

Major giving: Adapting to tough times
Nonprofits are working to provide more stewardship and cultivation for major donors through steady and candid communication.

Planned giving: Providing an option
Unfazed by the uncertain economy, nonprofits are promoting planned giving, recognizing existing donors and offering planned giving as a recession option.

Renewing focus on donor engagement
Amid a tough economy and a massive shift in demographics, including the retirement of Baby Boomers and the technological sophistication of younger generations, nonprofits need to adjust their traditional approaches to fundraising, experts say.

Fundraising: Opinion

Donor identity can be key to fundraising
A new academic discipline known as philanthropic psychology is emerging that looks at the manifold and often complex motives for giving.

Fundraising: Sponsored content

What unites us: Global trends in philanthropy
Organizations around the world face the same challenges, see the same opportunities, and most importantly, all share the trait of being the most positive and optimistic sector on earth.

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